November 21, 2013

While Arrow napped, Oria and I spent some time being crafty. We stopped by Urban Source this morning to take a peek at what fun things they had in the way of craft supplies and came home with sparkly fuzzy balls and little brown paper bags. We spent some time today decorating paper bags.
I plan on putting together an adventure advent calendar for Oria with the bags I’ve decorated. I’m going to put one fun seasonal and festive activity to do with her every December day before Christmas. Things like baking sugar cookies and decorating them, watching Christmas movies cuddled under blankets, taking a trip to Whistler to play in snow, taking a bus ride to downtown to wander the decorated hotel lobbies, go ice skating at Robson square, pick out a Christmas tree, decorate it, etc. I hope to do this yearly instead of chocolate or trinkets to get in the spirit of Christmas. I’m less into gifts and more into creating special memories with my girls.

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